About Us

About Us

Gregory Pavlidis is the owner of EZ Financial Solutions.  This company was conceived in order to "provide new strategies in financial literacy" for all people, younger and older. Because Gregory has a unique view regarding the dissemination of financial information, and he shares beliefs regarding honor, integrity, discretion, and humility, he also has similar views on care for people who are preparing for retirement and caring for their families.  To give more in 'use value', than they (Gregory and his Team) receive in compensation, is the only way they do business.  And, it is because of this unity of purpose, regarding helping to properly and accurately educate people with financial matters, that they have opened this company as a way of giving back to the world that has given so many blessings to them. As briefly mentioned, Gregory assembled a Team of intelligent, experienced and caring people, all of whom wish to serve people in preparing for, and protecting their futures. Each year as their business continues to grow, they are able to help more and more people maintain, or increase their quality of living as they grow older. "To you and your families, we say... it's your life, it's their future, protect it today." "Thank you very much for stopping by... come in and see us soon..." Sincerely, Gregory.                        


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